Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What side effects, if any, should I expect with use of ketones?

A: As with most MCT and ketone products, GI distress can occur with the first one or two doses. While this should go away with subsequent use, if you wish to remedy or completely deter this, we recommend using a ½ dose of product at first, scaling up to a full dose as tolerance increases. You may also increase the amount of sparkling or still water that you mix the serving or half serving with, as this dilution will further deter these effects. 

Q: I often take part in anaerobic activities. Is there reason to believe that ketones will benefit me?

A: Absolutely! Anaerobic activities are where our ketones shine, even for those not keto-interested or adapted. This is for two reasons:

  1. For those who consume carbohydrates, ketones act as an immediate fuel source, delaying the use of glucose for energy until ketones are low and/or depleted. This means that energy is prolonged for a substantially longer period of time. 
  2. Ketones require less oxygen than their carbohydrate counterparts, so you can expect to be less winded burning ketones as fuel vs. carbohydrates. 
Q: Do exogenous ketones work?

A: One animal study found exogenous ketone drinks could raise ketone levels without restricting carbs. In the study, rats that got exogenous ketones gained significantly less weight compared with those who did not get them.

Human studies show similar results. One review of three studies that gave participants a ketone ester or salts found that both forms elevated blood ketone levels for hours. Researchers concluded that "exogenous ketone drinks are a practical, efficacious way to achieve ketosis.

Q: When/Why should I use ketones?
A: Some reasons you may want to try ketones:
  • You wish to minimize ketoflu symptoms and tiredness during transition while following a Ketogenic lifestyle
  • You want to achieve a state of acute ketosis quickly, even without carbohydrate restriction to garner the benefits
  • You wish to eradicate brain fog or are in need of an immediate source of fuel that breaks the blood/brain barrier for mental sharpness and focus
  • You're an endurance athlete and want to dual-fuel (utilizing carbs & ketones) during race and/or training days 
Q: What product(s) will help me jumpstart ketosis?

A: This is a very common question! To achieve diet-induced ketosis faster, check out the KetoShield product. This product may help deplete glycogen stores faster, and limit glucose spikes following meals, thus allowing faster adaptation through diet.

All of the KetoSports exogenous ketone products induce ketosis within 10-20 minutes and keep blood ketone levels elevated for 2+ hours after consumption (depending on energy expenditures). KetoCaNa and KetoForce can be utilized up to three times daily. KetoBlitz may be used up to four times.

Q: What product should I use for endurance events?

A: For endurance events there are two approaches:

1) Use your ketone supplement of choice (KetoForce, KetoCaNa or KetoBlitz) both before and intra event. Since ketone levels peak at around 45 minutes and remain elevated for two to three hours, we recommend taking one dose 20-30 minutes pre-workout and then mixing another half to full dose into the beverage you consume during your event/training.

2) If you are not seeking keto-adaptation, you can also stack with a super starch, such as UCAN. This allows ketones to be used as energy first (the body uses these first, as they are the preferred source of energy) and then the super starch for secondary energy. We have a lot of triathletes, cyclists and ultra-runners who utilize this, or a similar stack, with great success.

Generally we recommend a powdered ketone product, such as KetoCaNa Orange for these events.

Q: Which KetoSports ketone product is right for me?

A: If you are looking to quickly induce ketosis via supplementation, here is a breakdown of our exogenous ketone products:

KetoBlitz is a liquid, free acid BHB product that is lightly flavored (limeade) and sweetened (stevia). This product contains 12.9 grams of BHB and around 30% less minerals than other BHB products on the market. Sold as a concentrate, to be mixed with water for use. Since KB has less mineral content it is one of the best tasting exogenous ketone supplements on the market and can be used with greater frequency.

KetoForce is a liquid BHB product that is not flavored or sweetened. This product has 11.7 grams of BHB.  KetoForce does have an unpleasant taste, and requires mixing with an acidic beverage for use. Since this product is unflavored and unsweetened it is great to mix with flavors such as crystal light or other concentrated flavor mixes or smoothies/shakes.

KetoCaNa is a powdered BHB product that is flavored (orange or strawberry lemonade available) and sweetened (stevia). This product has 11.7 grams of BHB and requires mixing with water. Many people prefer this product because it is a powdered blend. We recommend this product for endurance events over the liquid versions since the body metabolizes it slower.

All the exogenous ketone products induce ketosis within 10-20 minutes and keep blood ketone levels elevated for 2+ hours after consumption (depending on energy expenditures). KetoCaNa and KetoForce can be utilized up to three times daily. KetoBlitz may be used up to four times.

Looking to hasten transition into ketosis via your diet? Check out the KetoShield product. This product hastens excretion of glucose and may help you transition into nutritional ketosis even faster.

Q: KetoSports vs The Competition
    A: Things you should know:
    • Some other ketone products contain MCTs and BHB salts, which significantly increases the chance of GI upset with use.
    • While many products currently in the marketplace contain ketone salts, many do not contain much of the active ingredient, BHB. These products are easily identified by the terms "Proprietary Blend" or "Total Salts." Your ketone product should contain over 7-9 grams of actual BHB (not total salts). KetoSports proudly boasts at least 11.7 grams of pure BHB per serving in each of its ketone products and uses only natural flavors and sweeteners.
    • KetoSports' ketone products contain no dairy, no animal byproducts, no lactose, no gluten and are free from artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors.
    • These products are US Made and Paleo & Keto-Friendly...yes we even make the BHB in-house!
    • KetoSports (led by Chemist Patrick Arnold) was the pioneer of this market segment and the first to bring exogenous ketones to the US marketplace with the KetoForce product in 2012.