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Ketones require less oxygen than their carbohydrate counterparts, so you can expect to be less winded burning ketones as fuel vs. carbohydrates. For those who consume carbohydrates, ketones act as an immediate fuel source, delaying the use of glucose for energy until ketones are low and/or depleted. This means that energy is prolonged for a substantially longer period of time.


We all know that the keto lifestyle can deliver real benefits, namely in the body’s ability to make and utilize valuable ketones. But for competitive athletes looking for ultimate performance, the answer might be Dual Fueling. This means combining carb consumption with the use of ketone-based supplements enabling your body to draw on both sources of energy while engaged in extended periods of exercise. A key advantage to duel fueling is that your body is using ketones instead of carbs as its primary source of energy, so it requires less oxygen. Having both glycogen and circulating ketones give you the appropriate fuel (endurance vs. on demand) for both sustained activity and short bursts of “all out” effort. This means higher levels of performance for longer periods of time.


The goal of exogenous ketones is the same as that of a ketogenic diet, to raise blood ketone levels to beneficial physiological levels. Ingestion of this product raises ketone levels within minutes and is especially helpful for acuity and mental performance.

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So why pick sluggish carbohydrates as your first line of defense in an energy lull? Ketones are the body and brain's preferred energy source and are used first for energy demands. KetoCaNa meets these demands in a delicious sugar, lactose, and dairy-free base that contains a rush of the best exogenous ketones. Powdered for convenience, sweetened and naturally flavored for taste, and packed with BHB for effectiveness.

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