Hi! My name is David Closson, proud KetoSports team member and an avid ketoer. I enjoy sharing my journey and hearing about other's successes. I am a long-time Ketogenic diet proponent and fitness enthusiast. I call what I do “non-competitive body sculpting.”  It is not my intention to be massively muscled. I just want to feel good, look good and live to be of ripe old age, preferably with as few aches and pains as humanly possible.

I started life as a chubby kid. I stayed that way until puberty, then got super skinny. I discovered bodybuilding after reading some muscle magazines that I found lying around and decided that I wanted to be lean and muscular.  I worked out consistently, but my diet was lacking, as the blazing metabolism of youth was on my side. But well into my first marriage I became depressed, and food became my comfort. My metabolism slowed, and I am sure that I suffered from the ravages of too much cortisol due to the stress of both work and relationships. I ballooned to 347 lbs. and looked like the picture top left.... well, worse than that, I stopped letting people photograph me at that point. I was neither happy nor healthy.

The tide turned when I had to go on a business trip. My pants were too tight, and I was forced to shop for new ones. When I finally found a pair that fit, they were size 40. I held up the 40-inch waist and said “no f'ing way.” As you can see in the picture, the year was 1995, I was 30 years old.  My cholesterol was 370, my blood pressure was high, and I broke a sweat any time I moved. I consulted my doctor and made him aware of my plans to go on the Atkins diet, one of the first LCHF diets. He was on board and agreed to monitor me as I progressed. When I got back from that trip I immediately began and within 2 months I had lost 100 pounds. I never looked back. I have lived pretty much low carb ever since. It is only because of this change that I was able to make the progress you see in the top right picture.

I now workout hard four days a week. But, at nearly 53, you can see I am in much better health than I was at 30 (all while eating a lot of fat and cholesterol). My blood work is stellar, and my newest doctor could not believe the performance of my health markers given my high cholesterol intake (I guess he needs to read the research). 

My goal is to share low-carb support information and demonstrate just how much of a difference this lifestyle can make. I seek to be helpful, informative and to help combat the conventional anti-wisdom about what a healthy diet looks like. I turned my passion for life into long term change, and a profession with KetoSports. My name is David, and that is my Keto Story....What's yours?

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