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New to the Ketogenic diet? Then the Beginner Pack is designed for you. As your body becomes accustomed to burning ketones first, this pack helps make the journey into ketosis easier. Use MCT powder in your coffee to start your morning, or take KetoCana to boost your ketone levels in a lull. Struggling to adapt or have succumbed to a cheat day? That’s okay, KetoShield is here to help get you back on track. This pack even includes ketone test strips, so you can easily monitor your own ketone levels. This pack has (almost) everything you need to begin your new lifestyle. Food not included.

- MCT Powder (qty 1)
- KetoCana Orange (qty 1)
- KetoCana SL (qty 1)
- Ketone Test Strips (qty 1)
- KetoShield (qty 1)
- KS Cotton Tee (qty 1)


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